Mumbai: Sangha's Bank Transfer gesture to needy with no earning source: Silent Laudable work by community to community

Mumbai: Please be informed that Devadiga  Sangha Mumbai has Special Assistance Scheme for families residing in Mumbai, Thane and Dombivili Districts  to get financial  help to those who are distressed during Lock down period. 

The Sangha  have already released  funds for more than 40 families with minimum of Rs2000 and maximum of Rs 5000 per family  depending upon  size of family,  which have no earning source.  The funds have been directly credited to their Bank Accounts as one time financial assistance. ( Digital India)

The Local Coordinatiom Committees ( LCCs-10 of them)are closely monitoring in their area of operation and identifying to recommend cases to Sangha. We are expecting some more genuine  families  to reach out for help.

No publicity . No Photo clicks. Just a service to Humanity.

Some of our philantropic members have voluntarily  donated for the humane cause.