ಮಂಗಳೂರು: ಸುವರ್ಣ ವಿವಾಹ ಮಹೋತ್ಸವ ಆಚರಿಸುತ್ತಿರುವ ಮರೋಳಿ ದಂಪತಿಗಳು

Mangalore: .Veni Maroly & Vaman Maroly are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 27th May 2020. A Grand celebration which was well planned to be held International Convention Centre Manipal was cancelled due to sudden LockDown due to Covid19 attach in the world. Anyways we are helpless not to have witnessed Grand Golden Jubilee Celebration.

Not dettered by this unexpected and unforseen circumstances, we in devadiga.com would like to celebrate the day with Happiness and Prayers.

 Mr Vaman Maroly  son of Late Maroli Appanna ( Maroli Appanna is one of the founder member  of  Mangalore Sangha During 1926 and the first general Secretary) and Kadri Ganga Bai, born on 9thJanuary 1941.

Vaman entered welock in 1970 & got married to Pushpa Veni Rao daughter of late Kanvatheertha Vaman Rao and late Mulki Rathnavathi Rao at Devadiga Samaj Bhavan, Mannagudda Mangalore. He is blessed with 2 daughters Poonam and Anupam Maroly ,.both the daughters completed their high School education in Qatar,where their parents were stationed.and now settled in USA.

In Qatar  &  now in Native Mangalore, the Maroly  couple are well known in public life & Philonthropy 

While Wishing them Glorious Golden Wedding Anniversary, we are trying to sneak peek in to their wedding in Vaman Maroly's own words.


Before Wedding:   
Well, as directed by my father ,my journey started to Mangalore to get married by CPC bus as planned by my father. As we are approaching Hubli I informed the driver to stop the bus in case if he see a group of girls on the roadside waiting for bus and without fail may be 10 , 15 girls stopped the bus ( Like Bus Ruko strike ) and slowly nervously I got down from the bus to see this lady who  would be the bride and prepared to become my life partner , who came forward to greet with a electrifying handshake . well after brief encounter with herd of girls around spending nearly 10 minutes; the bus proceeded to Mangalore. I had seen Veni many times in Mangalore before also! while she used to frequent to our place to visit her cousin Shuba, my  brother's wife. I am also well aware that my father is aiming at this girl; his would be Bahu but I did not consider her as a serious  contender!  .

My first encounter with Veni was at Mulki Achanna house during the selection of a girl for my brother. At the same juncture, this girl in half Saree  gave me her autograph book to write!. Without hesitation, I wrote jokingly  that  YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH VAMAN.  Though she did not like my sudden expression initially; apparently it became a reality!  By her frequent visit to our place, she tried her best to impress upon my parents! and that resulted in making me no choic but to agree for whatever our parents say. .

2) Wedding 
Well we got married on 27th May1970 at Devadiga Samaja Bhavan,Mannagudde Mangalore in a low profile Wedding unlike the present day halla gulla events. Koruvail Babanna, Uggappa Achanna, Babu Achanna, Jayanananda Devadiga and our parents were organsied the show, which went on very well !. However wish to note those days there was an epidemic which has badly infected many people in the city including my father;  my uncle Mundappa and brother Bhaskar etc. Hence I had to travel alone in aTaxi to my wedding. All others had gone early to see the arrangement. However later on everybody joined .

3) After wedding 
Having , completed the formalities of the wedding during next few days in Mangalore, Mulki, Urwa etc;  we went for our Honeymoon to Ooty. Spent about a week visiting all important tourist places .It was a pleasant memorable visit to Ooty.- A hotspot those daysI I do recall that we stayed in a cottage of Hotel Woodlands.

Ooty Pictures 
Veni’s Uncle Giriappa Achanna was working in a near by forest in Moyar in an Hydrelectric Substation as Executive Engineer (Head of the project ) which generates and  feeds the electricity to the nea rby Towns. We were invited to visit them by Giriappa Uncle and Anandi Aunty while  Lalan, Rathan and Milan were small kids .His quarters was in the middle of the forest and scary woods surrounded by wild animals. Hence were warned not come out of the Guest house in the night. Of course being a top Engineer, he had all the facilities of security etc ,It was an adventure to spend few days with them in Moyar.  .

After the marriage,I   moved to a rented Apartment in Bandra M I G Colony in Mumbai on lease. .At present the area around our building was demolished and a most modern multi storied building has come up ORIONA;  where Vishwas Attavar got a very specious beautiful apartment .Life was comfortable then unlike my thoughts before getting married that I will have to  stand in the ‘ Q ‘  for kerosene oil and also groceries with a Ration card etc . Veni became popular with her singing talent at our friends parties in Bandra West Going to picture was a routine on weekends. Once so happened that we had been to see the film Aradana in Bahdra Talkies and in the interval we were excited to see Rajesh Khanna with Anju Mahendru were sitting behind us, who came to see his own picture.  Those days he was the famous Super Star .

Our friends Praful, Stany and Henry were our regular visitors and our frequent Sunday lunch used to be at Chembur with Shankaranna  and Vasanthi. 

Immediately after our marriage from Mumbai we went to Bhopal to visit brother Karunakar and had a great time in that princely city. Visited Sanchi Sttoopa by travelling in a Scooter - a long ride. Our scooter got broke down on the way as I am new to scooter . I remember we all  went on 3 scooters . It was an adventures trip to Sanchi . From there we went to Delhi on a short visit to Agra  and then back to  Mumbai .  We were the guests at Karnataka Bhavan, an accommodation meant  for the members of Parliament and Govt officials on visit to Delhi -  a courtesy arrangement made by our friend Praful from  Mumbai .
We continued our married life with ups and down initially  mainly on financial matter! . Meanwhile visited Deolalali and a first visit to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple with Sri Raghu Sherigar and fly. .As I mentioned earlier , I had some knowledge and is devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and due to my aquintence with Latha aunty wife of Srinivas Ullal who used to conduct regular Bhajans on Thursdays . Veni also used to attend BalaVikas class in Bandra as Guru .

Our first additional member to the family entered on 3rd November 1973, First Daughter Poonam was born in Mangalore at Bhat’s Nursing Home in Urwa.Chbby looking little girl was a favourite of everybody in Urwa and Kankanady .To take care of our newborn we engaged a Maid to look after her when Mother & Daughter came and joined me in Mumbai .

Though tough; we were happy including financially as I was drawing a reasonably good salary in Otis Elevators. Chunky Panday’s mother Snehalatha Panday was our neighbour was also our family doctor.Then Chunkey Panday was a small kid.

Meanwhile, I was always looking for an accomodation of our own . Fortunately my application for a 2 Bed room apartment was allotted in The L I C Project in Borivli  Mumbai, where I had to pay initially 15% of the value and remaining in Installments for the next 15 years , which  was very much suitable for me financially .

Meanwhile I was picked up to recieve an advanced training programme in Germany and Spain with a task to manufacture Escalators in India. This opportunity was a turning point in my life . This incident in detail I will explain in my next chapter .

As this process was going on,unexpectdly  I recieved a call from Dubai Thyssen Krupp Elevators to join them as Manager of  Escalator Department. In short with all pleasent things coming on my way by the grace of God  a)  Allottment of house  B) Training programme in Europe C) A job offer in Dubai /Qatar

Arrival of 2 little new members Poonam and Anupam, placed us in a very comfortable and happy position. Hence I always used to tell my wife the pleasent developments in my life after our marriage ,like a famous kannada prayer  “ Bagyada  Laxmi  Baramma “ 

f you are still not married dont delay! . It is part of life!! . Only our  disappointment in recent days is the The cancellation of our Golden Jubilee Celebration “due to the present Covid 19  issue. It was planned and vertually 90% of the preparatory work was done 

Thanks for your patient reading ..
Vaman Maroly 

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