Mangaluru: Rotary Club confers Vocational Excellence Award on Dr K.Devraj


Mangaluru, Jan 24: Dr K.Devraj, a well-known academician, researcher and director of SDM PG Centre for Management Studies and Research conferred the Vocational Excellence Award in a ceremony held at Balabavana hall on Tuesday, January 23.

The award is instituted by Rotary Club, Mangaluru North Unit to honor and recognise a person for his active involvement in society for its betterment.

Fr Xavier Gomes, former principal of St Philomena College Puttur was the chief guest who honored Dr Devraj along with club president Prasanna Mayya, and office bearers, Sudarshan, T P Shenoy, Narayana Kerekatte and Alwyn D’Sa.


Prior to the felicitation, Fr Xavier said, "We all like Dr Devraj for three reasons. First one, he is an industrialist. It does not mean that he owns industry, but with good teaching skills and academic excellence, he has produced good citizens for the society. He has always tried to convert his students into achievers and never neglected last benchers or late comers. He has helped students sharpen their skills for the betterment of the society. Secondly, Dr Devraj is a visionary person. He made his institution as a leading educational centre in this region. He has helped to students to become very good professionals. He has taught his students to become visionary and transferred his vision to his students. The third, Dr Devraj has been always stayed connected to the society. He has actively involved in many programmes which are helpful to the society and common people. He has maintained close and good relationship with all who contribute their time and earnings to the society. Hence, Dr Devraj does not limit only to his institution. He is a social person whom everyone likes and respects."

Receiving the award, Dr Devraj said, "I am thankful for this recognition. I am very happy to receive this award because it is from my native and people known to me. I am dedicating this award to my institution. Without support of my management, students and faculty I would not have been able to do anything. I am especially thankful to my students who are spread all over the world. My students have achieved much more than me. Hence, I am learning from tem too. My family has supported me a lot. By God’s grace, I am living in a good society which includes all of you.”

Alwyn D’Sa read the citation.

Prasanna Mayya delivered the introductory speech and Sudarshan rendered the vote of thanks.