Shree Rama Bhajana Mandali Devadiga Sangha Mumbai'Bhajan


Mumbai: The Bhajana programme at Devadiga Bhavana Nerul held on Saturday 14th July 2018 conducted by Shree Rama Bhajana Mandali Devadiga Sangha Mumbai and sponsored by Shri Jarappanna Devadiga and Family on account of his daughter's marriage with Mahabala Devadiga held recently at Suratkal.

The programme was well attended and followed by distribution of Mahaprasadam to the participants.

The new couple also donated a Silver Thali to Shree Rama Temple Devadiga Bhavana Nerul and our priest Shree Srinivas received the Silver Thali.

We the Mandali and the Sangha sincerely thanks to all the participants who made the programme was grand success.