Sri Ekanatheshwari Temple Barkuru & its TRUST

Barkuru: 5 Founder Trustees of Ekanatheshwari Temple, Barkuru

1) Annayya B.Sherigar Pune/Barkur

2) Narsimha B.Devadiga Udupi

3) Janardhan Devadiga  Barkur

4) Dharmapal U. Devadiga Mumbai

5) Hiriadka Mohandas  Mumbai.

The Temple trust is registered under Indian Trust Act.  Mr.Annayya Sherigar is the President of the Trust with Four other Founder Trustees. The President is vested with  all authorities as that of Author. All decisions will be on majority.  All properties are in the name of the Trust duly registered. The Trust deed is a public document  copy of which is available with Competant Authority. 

Having seen the quality of temperament and the unity the Trust was formed after due deligence. The Founder Trustees have appointed 6 resourceful Trustees from various centres for a  period of 5 years as per provisions of Trust deed.

Audited Accounts are being  filed  regularly with IT department and exemption under 12A is granted  so that Income of the Temple is exempted from Tax.