A Trend setting & Heart Warming act of Mumbai Mahila Vibhag

Mumbai: The willingness to listen, the patience to understand the strength to support, the heart to care and just to be there that is the beauty of the lady. Yes, we experienced this during our visit to senior ladies from our community in Thane, Navi Mumbai and Ashalpa.

This year women’s Day was celebrated in a Novel way by reaching out to senior ladies from the community above age of 70 years who have spent their knowledge to bring up the children, taken care of the grand children giving selfless service.  We ladies had the honour to seek the blessing and a smile on their face. 

On 9th March a group of Ladies Mrs. Jayanti Raghu Moily, Mrs. Pramila Sherigar, Mrs. Latha Sherigar, Mrs. Megdalin Devadiga, Mrs. Mamta Devadiga, Mrs. Purnima D Devadiga visited senior ladies from Thane.  Mr. Ramesh Devadiga Vice chairperson Navi Mumbai LCC has helped by providing his car to visit the houses at Thane and Airoli.  We thanked him for being with us at Thane & Airoli.

Initially ladies team went to Mr. Balakrishna Devadiga mother Ms Sundari Devadiga’s residence who is aged about 75 years stays with her son and daughter Mrs. Chandrakala Devadiga who stays at   Bayar Mangalore.  With hardship she brought up the two children was very happy to be felicitated.

Next team went to Mr Anand Devadiga Ex thane LCC Chairman,  Mrs Susheela Srinivas Rao is 79 years of age suffering from Alzheimer but remembers that she had brought up her chidren and also taken  care of grandchildren.  Now her daughter Mrs. Vinaya Devadiga is taking care of her mother 

Then team visited to Mr Pravin Salian’s mother Kalyani Salian  stays with her son Jeevan Saliyan, they were staying in Parel and now shifted to Thane and are at Thane since 14 years, She takes care of two grandchildren is about 78 years.

Next coming to Airoli visited Mr. Shekhar Devadiga (Hotel Sai Nidhi) aunty’s house Smt . Shashi Devadiga,who  is about 78 years was happy to meet the Mahila Vibhag team. In Airoli, Mr. Ramesh Devadiga‘s wife Mrs. Amita Devadiga accompanied with the ladies team. 

Next visited her elder sister Smt. Appi Devadiga about 82 years she welcomed the ladies team and blessed them. They are basically from Punaroor and narrated about her home town. 

The ladies team Mrs Jayanti Moily, Mrs Vanitha Devadiga Mrs Pramila Sherigar, Mrs. Latha Sherigar,  Smt. Shanta Devadiga, Mrs. Ambika Devadiga, Mrs.Shubha Devadiga, Mrs.Asha Devadiga,Mrs. Prabha R Devadiga , Mrs.Geetha H Devadiga, Mrs. Kamala Devadiga, Mrs.Shoba Devadiga,  Smt. Dhanvanti Puttur , Mrs. Purnima Devadiga then felicitated Mr. Chandrashekhar  Devadiga’s mother, Smt Padma Devadiga  who is about  85 years old but her activeness is inspiration for new generations.

Next family the team Mrs Jayanti Moily, Mrs Vanita Devadiga, Ms. Pramila Sherigar, Mrs Ambika Devadiga, Mrs. Lata Sherigar,Mrs.  Purnima Devadiga, Mr. Dayanand Devadiga, Adv. Prabhakar, Mr. Anand Sherigar and Mr.Suresh Devadiga Barkur  visited  Mrs Bhavani Devadiga and Mr.Gopal Devadiga Belapur, the couple stays with their son they had view that Sangha is far to go, but after our visit they also felt caring people are there to visit.

Next the team visited Mr. Suresh Devadiga’s mother Mrs.Parvathi Sherigar’s residence at Nerul . and felicitated her alongwith her husband Mr. Surya Devadiga..  We were given warm welcome by them.

Next the same team visted  Mrs. Lata Sherigar’s mother at Kharghar.  Her mother Nirmala Devadiga aged about 72 years stays with her son Mr. Prabhakar Devadiga and daughter in law Mrs. Sharmila Devadiga, family was very happy for our visit.  We were given warm welcome.

Smile on the face and blessing gave ladies the strength to visit Sr. Ladies from Ashalpha though all reached home tired at 12 pm.

Next day ladies Chairperson Mrs. Jayanthi Moily along with Vice Chairperson Mrs. Ranjini Moily and Secretary Mrs.Purnima Devadiga Navi Mumbai LCC Secretary Mrs. Latha Sherigar visited few houses in Ashalpa they were accompanied by Ashalpha LCC Mahila Chairperson Mrs.Geeta Devadiga with Mrs.Rekha Devadiga, Mrs.Lalitha Devadiga along with Mr. Mohan Gujaran and Mr.Jeevan Devadiga who were familiar with all the Sr. Ladies residing in Ashalpa.

The ladies visited Mr. Mohan Gujaran’s mother Sundari Babu Gujaran who is 75 years old is from Mulky and settled in Mumbai since last 55 Years, she was happy to see the ladies and blessed each one.

Next house visited was a widow about 70 years age stays with mentally retracted son Mr. Satish Devadiga.  The family lives in extreme poverty has given the ground floor of chawl on rent to make both ends meet.

Mrs. Kamala Devadiga’s husband expired when children’s were very small, her children are not well educated to support their family and mother.  We feel that the Managing committee should visit this family and provide monitory help from Sangha for their livelihood in the form of monthly / Quaterly/ Yearly pension.

Next house the team visited was Mr. Ashok Moily Mother Shanta R. Moily is basically from Kapu, She stays with her son and daughters also stays nearby is 72 years.
She was very happy to meet the ladies coming for good cause.

Next house of Mrs. Padmavati Raghu Devadiga, 75 years of age she blessed all of our and prayed that we get the courage and was ready to come to Sangha for the functions

Then we visited Mrs. Shanta M Devadiga, mother of Arvind Devadiga.  She was 72 years old taken care by son and daughter in law.  We all took her blessing and with heart content departed to our residence. 

The last house was visited was of Mrs.Jalaja Devadiga who is 76 years old basically from Mulky.

It was a wonderful experience to share, some of them had tears of happiness seeing us. Some wanted to speak to us telling their past experience how they brought up the kids.  It is finally understood that they have brought up the kids the grandkids without expecting any thing so it is the next generation duty to give them happiness see smile on their face.

We are thankful to Mr. Mohandas Sir who has guided to do this small noble cause.  Mr. Janardhan Devadiga ’s encouragement such that the entire visit was planned in a weeks’ time and our President Mr.Ravi Devadiga for supporting us to move ahead.

~Dayanand Devadiga Mumbai