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“Visit to Home for the Aged” by Asalpha Local Co-ordination Committee, Devadiga Sangha Mumbai

Devadiga Sangha Mumbai

Asalpha Local Coordination Committee’s

“Visit to Home for the Aged”

on 29th January 2017,


Sher-e-Punjab, Opp Canossa Convent Primary School, Prem Vasundhara Society,

Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400059

“God helps to those who help others!” 



"If you have not learnt the art of giving, you are yet to learn the art of living!”

Devadiga Sangha Mumbai - Asalpha Local Co-ordination Committee team have realised this and stepped forward to share some moments with the old people of the “Home for the Aged”, located at Sher-e-Punjab, Opp. Canossa Convent Primary School, Prem Vasundhara Society, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059 on 29th January 2017, at 9:00 am, with the initiative of Asalpha LCC Youth Chairman – Mr. Rakesh Bhoja Devadiga and Team.

Reason for the Visit:-

  1. To know the Importance of one’s Parents.
  2. To increase the feeling of love and respect towards the elderly people of our home and society.
  3. To know the secret behind happiness in caring.

The purpose of the visit was to meet 40 people of the home aged above than 55 years (17 male and 23 female) and to spend some lovely time with them.

The entire team had provided the Home a lot of clothes to be worn by the old people and kitchen necessities like Tea Powder, Milk Powder along with fruits like Banana, Papaya and Oranges.

A few old ladies of the Home prepared beautiful artificial Roses made up of paper, plastic and other materials. Those flowers were sold by the old people to assist the organization financially, contributing to a growth in their self-esteem about work and earn. Therefore, Asalpha team had purchased the entire bouquet consisting of more than 50 roses kept for sale. Those roses were further sold to the members of Asalpha LCC present during the Haldi-Kumkum Function.

A special request was made by the organization to avoid asking any personal questions to the elderly people. Thereby, the entire team had planned to make the aged people happy by singing songs on the day. An old lady among them welcomed all the people by a pretty song. The whole crowd including the Asalpha team and the old age people joined into the singing and cherished all.

The whole day chores of the aged people was recognized and thereby without any need of altering their other chores, the Asalpha team said Good Bye to all the people of the Home by noon. The aged people requested the entire team to come back soon. They also thanked for the materials taken for them by the Asalpha team. A promise to visit again on 5th April 2017 was made.  All the aged people, prayed for the well-being of the entire Devadiga Community.

Thanks to Home for the Aged for providing a time slot for Asalpha team to spend a nice time with the aged people.

Special thanks to Mr. Ashok Thimmappa Devadiga, Chairman, Asalpha LCC; Mr. Pravin Narayan Devadiga, Youth Mentor, Devadiga Sangha Mumbai; Mr. Mohandas Gujaran, member of Managing Committee, Devadiga Sangha Mumbai; Mr. Prashanth Moily, Hon. Jt, Treasurer, Devadiga Sangha Mumbai; Mr. Pradeep Devadiga, Chairman, Youth Wing, Devadiga Sangha Mumbai, along with Mr. Harish Devadiga & Mrs. Vijaya Harish Devadiga, Asalpha Members, who helped the Asalpha Youth team, by guidance & providing all type of support for the day.

Upcoming Visit

The entire Youth team along with the senior members of the LCC have planned, reserved and paid for a slot to provide the Home, a Day’s Meals including Breakfast and Dinner on 5th April 2017, the Foundation day of Devadiga Sangha Mumbai (founded on 5th April 1925). The senior members along with the Youth team had contributed for the said cause.

Thanks to the entire Asalpha Youth Team who supported this cause to make the elderly cherished.

For any details or queries kindly drop a mail to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rakesh Bhoja Devadiga, Devadiga Vinit Narayan, Harsha Devadiga, Kishori Devadiga, Prashanth Moily, Pradeep Devadiga, Ved Prakash Moily, Sandesh Devadiga, Akshaya Devadiga, Pravin Devadiga, Rupashree Devadiga, Lavesh Devadiga, Latesh Devadiga and Rakesh N. Devadiga (who could make it for the day) & Sonali Devadiga, Bhartesh Devadiga(Maddy), Pritika Pravin Devadiga, Prathyush Pravin Devadiga, Ashish Ashok Devadiga, Harshith Ashok Devadiga,  Keshav Moily, Chethan Moily, Sachin Moily, Bhavya Moily, Ashwitha Devadiga, Kasturi Devadiga, Ganesh Moily, Chandrahas Moily, Sujatha Devadiga, Tanveer Devadiga, Shraddha Devadiga, Shruthi Devadiga. Shruti Devadiga, Chethan Devadiga, Manish Devadiga, Nitish Devadiga, Ashish Devadiga, Vinod Devadiga, Jayalaxmi Devadiga, Kiran Devadiga, Raksha Devadiga, Naveen Devadiga, Yogesh Devadiga, Mrinal Devadiga, Sneha Devadiga, Bharat Devadiga, Rohit Devadiga, Suresh Devadiga, Hitesh Devadiga, Shailesh Devadiga, Adithi Harish Devadiga and Others.

Photo Gallery

1. Inside the Home for the Aged


2. Instructions and Meal Contribution



3. Singing Activity





4. Chit Chats with the Elderly People 






5. Group Pictures







6. Others




Devadiga Sangha Mumbai – Asalpha Local Coordination Committee

                                       Mr. Ashok T. Devadiga                – Chairman

                                       Mr. Yogesh Devadiga                  – Vice Chairman

                                       Mr. Jeevan Devadiga                   - Vice Chairman

                                       Mr. Vishal Devadiga                    – Secretary

                                       Mr. VedPrakash Moily                  – Jt. Secretary

                                       Mr. Chidananda R. Moily              – Treasurer

                                       Mr. Chandrashekhar Moily            – Jt. Treasurer

                                Mr. Pravin Narayan Devadiga         – Youth Mentor, DSM

                                Mr. Mohan Gujaran                      – Managing Committee Member, DSM

                                       Mr. Prashanth Moily                     – Hon. Jt. Treasurer, DSM

                                Mr. Pradeep Devadiga                  – Chairman, Youth Wing, DSM

Mahila Vibhag

                                       Mrs. Geeta Devadiga                   – Chairperson

                                       Mrs. Lalitha Devadiga                  – Vice Chairperson

                                       Mrs. Rekha Devadiga                   – Secretary

 Youth Wing

                                        Mr. Rakesh Bhoja Devadiga         – Chairman

                                        Mr. Devadiga Vinit Narayan         – Vice Chairman

                                        Ms. Harsha Shrinivas Devadiga    – Secretary

And all the Members of the Committee


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