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Devadiga Sangha Mumbai - Youth Wing organises “MIND EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR”


Devadiga Sangha Mumbai, Youth wing



on 12th March, 2017,

At Devadiga Bhavan – Regional Culture Centre, Nerul (West), Navi Mumbai



“A little change makes a great deal of difference. Change comes from our mind”.


Devadiga Sangha Mumbai - Youth Wing organized a program ‘’Project Prerana’’ and ‘’Youth Awaaz’’ Started at Morning 11 am.

This is the first program from main youth wing which had introduced an innovative concept in split wise:

1) Project Prerana - A platform to learn about Human Behavior, Personality Development and Career Objective.

2) Youth Awaaz - For expressing, sharing Ideas and Thoughts especially on Community Growth.

The ultimate objective of Project Prerana is to inspire all our community members of all age group with positive thoughts, in bringing new ideas and initiatives to improve the process of learning every positive aspects.

Youth wing has taken this as “Project” which should continue till “We YOUTH say there is nothing left to learn now”!!!!!!!

We have Sangha which contributes in medical Assistance for all categories, Education in the form of scholarship for students, and other Financial Assistance to needy community brothers and sisters. Sangha also has special Matrimonial and Sports activity for all Devadiga’s.

Questions being asked what are we doing for our progress. So we thought to introduce the new concept called “Project Prerarna” under the guidance of Mr. Ravi S Devadiga (President), Mr. Hemanath Devadiga (City LCC Chairman), Mr. Naresh Devadiga (Mentor) and Mr. Pravin Narayanan Devadiga (Mentor).

Ms. Soumyalata Devadiga (Youth Jt. Secretary) welcomed all and Invited Guests to the dais.



The function Inaugurated with lighting the lamp with a beautiful prayer sung by Ms. Shreya Devadiga and Mr. Pradeep Devadiga.




Mr. Ravi S Devadiga (President of Devadiga Sangha Mumbai),Mr. Ganesh Sherigar (Hon. Jt. Secretary of DSM), Mr. H Mohandas (Ex-President of DSM), Mr. Praveen Narayana Devadiga (Youth Mentor of DSM), Mr. Naresh S. Devadiga (Youth Mentor of DSM) and Mrs. Jayanthi Moily (Chairperson of Mahila Vibhaga DSM).

Program Schedule:

Best Wishes and Speech from Mr. Ravi S. Devadiga (DSM President) to all the youth Members.

Best Wishes and Speech from Mr. Pradeep S. Devadiga (DSM Youth Chairman).

This is the 3rd such program of Youth Wing of Devadiga Sangha Mumbai. The first program was organized by City LCC Youth called “YUVA SANGAMA” and the second program was organized by Asalpha Youth called “MOCK INTERVIEW”.

This is the unique program of youth wing where we had introduced our new innovative concept called “Project Prerana” the platform for leaning and development “Devadiga Youth Awaaz” for expressing / sharing ideas / thoughts especially for Our Youth.

Mr. Harish Devadiga has briefed about the program and requested Mr. Satish Salian (Speaker) to start the program of the “Project Prerana’’ for Seminar on Human Behaviour and Creative Learning.

Inspiration within


Mr. Satish Salian: Meaningful Thoughts

Human behavior which flows from three main sources: DESIRE, EMOTION AND KNOWLEDGE



Your PERSONALITY can transform your FUTURE.


Teamwork makes the dream work


Mr. Praneet Devadiga has introduced himself and thanked all the Judges and audience present there and briefed about the program as under. "Most of the time, it has been observed that the point of view of the members either not conveyed properly or required analysis in the matter was lacking. To have the effective approach on all the suggestions and ideas we have introduced a platform call “Devadiga Youth Awaaz”. It was also recommended by some of our visionaries to evolve the name of “Devadiga Youth Awaaz” to “Devadiga Youth Discovery”. So, it was announced proudly our new brand name “Devadiga Youth Discovery”. We cannot build the future for all our Youth but we can build our youth for the future. Our new platform “Devadiga Youth Discovery” will help our community member to validate their ideas and test their confidence aspiring to achieve their higher goal and also help our youth present their talent and build their confidence and intelligence to higher level".

Thereafter, he has called team presenters individually as under. There were 23 participants for presentation.

1) Team 1 - Project Pravesh a New Beginning on the topic “Career Guidance and Placement Consultancy”. The mentor of the team Ms Rekha Ashok Devadiga and other Speakers Mr. Ashish Devadiga and Mr. Shreya Devadiga

2) Team 2 Sahara on the topic “Scholarship and Other Financial Assistance”. The mentor Mrs. Ashwini Devadiga and other speakers Ms. Shruti Devadiga, Mr. Uttej Devadiga and Ms. Lata Devadiga

3) Team 3 Chillar on the topic “Fund Mobilization”. The mentor Mr. Shailesh Devadiga and Speakers Ms. Nilisha Moily, Ms. Ramya Devadiga and Mr. Nithesh Devadiga

4) Team 4 “Sahit Sadasyatha” on the topic “Membership Mobilization”. The mentor Mr. Yogesh Shriyan and other speakers Mr. Mohan Devadiga, Mr. Rajesh Devadiga, Ms. Tanvi Devadiga and Mr Rohan Devadiga.

5) Team 5 “Arambh” on the topic “Cultural, Sports and Matrimony”. The mentor Mr. Girish Devadiga and other key Speakers Ms. Megha Devadiga, Ms.Jyotsna Devadiga, Ms. Preksha Devadiga, Mr. Vignesh Devadiga, Mr. Rajat Devadiga and Mr. Kishor Devadiga

The Top 3 Winners of the day were awarded!!!!

1. Best Speaker – Miss Preksha Devadiga


2) Best Presentation – Team Project Pravesh– Career Guidance & placement Consultancy – By Miss RekhaAshok Devadiga and Team




3. Best Idea – Team – Arambh– Cultural, Sports and Matrimony – By Mr. Girish Devadiga and Team.



We also congratulate all the participants who gave their valuable time in participation & shared their ideas, through the event. Participation certificate ‘’DEVADIGA YOUTH DISCOVERY’’ was presented to all the participants.

grp photo 1.png

grp photo 2.png

grp photo 3.png














Youth Wing extended vote of tanks to Mr. Ravi S. Devadiga, President Devadiga Sangha Mumbai and Team for providing support for organizing the event. Special Thanks to Youth Mentors Mr. Pravin Narayanan Devadiga and Mr. Naresh Devadiga, who guided the entire team at every stage of the event and thanks to all the Dignitaries present on the day and the entire Youth team who supported us for making the event grand and successful


Team Members: Mr. Pradeep Sundar Devadiga, Mr. Harish Devadiga, Mr. Praneet Devadiga, Ms. Soumyalata Devadiga, Mr. Nitesh Devadiga, Mr. Akshay Devadiga, Mr. Aatish Devadiga,

Youth Team Mentors: Mr. Naresh Devadiga and Mr. Pravin Narayan Devadiga.


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