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8th Anniversary: KaDaM's 'Devadiga Sadaka Prashasti - 2017' conferred on Gowri Devadiga


Dubai: Kadam 8th Anniversary Report.KaDaM (Kundapura Devadiga Mitra) joined together to observe and celebrate their 8th Anniversary on October 27th 2017, at Ajman Beach Hotel, Ajman UAE. In the leadership of Mr. Dinesh devadiga chitradi Nagoor.


A meaningful ceremony that was organized began at 11am by lighting of the lamp by KaDaM Ladies, Gowri Devadiga, Sharada Devadiga, Leelavathi Devadiga, Ambika Devadiga, H Mohan Das, Ravi Devadiga, Raju Devadiga, Dinesh Devadiga, Ravi Devadiga Tallur and Sheena Devadiga. Prayer was recited by Mr. Ramachandra Devadiga Kasaragod.



Welcoming the crowd that included members, sponsors and media. Mr.Nithyananda Beskoor gave a gist of an exciting day ahead. Followed by welcome dance Smt. Shashirekha and Kumari Shreya.


The event was ably hosted by Smt. Asha Devadiga, Sridhar Bramavar, and Santhosh Sherigar.

A variety of cultural programs that included dance, singing etc. by Pramod Kumar,  Smt. Sai Mallika, Mr. Dinesh Doddana Gudde, Udaya Nanjappa, Mr. Shiva Kumar, Kumari Adhira, Kumari Ishwarya, Master Manish, Mr. Suresh Devadiga, Mr. Shodan Prasad, Mrs. Gayathri, Master Yash Sujith Shetty, Ramachandra Devadiga. Dancing numbers by Neha, Shreesha, Dhanya Dinesh Devadiga, Asha Devadiga Navya Devadiga Konchady, Shruthi Devadiga, Priya Devadiga, Vishalakshi Devadiga, Kiran Beskoor, Smitha Devadiga, Harinakshi Sherigar, Shashirekha Devadiga, Reshma Devadiga, Kumari Shreya, Niveditha, Niranjana, Kumari Elsa, Nandana, Master Yash, Vasu Devadiga, Santhosh Sherigar, Ravi Devadiga, Jagadish Devadiga, Manohar Devadiga, Manjunath Devadiga and Kids from symphony dancing institution.









Mr. Vasu Devadiga spoke about the mission vision and objectives of KaDaM, and its story since inception in 2010.


As of date KaDaM collected a whopping amount of rupees around Rs 25 lakh as KaDaM Education Fund. Rs 3 lakh is being distributed as scholarship every year and another Rs 5.35 lakh was given as medical expenditure to hospitalized patients. The contribution given by each member every month is being accumulated to meet any needy families’ unexpected medical expenses, and whenever there is an urgent need for money, the member voluntarily initiate to cover up the expenses by contributing.

Mr. Ravi Devadiga read out messages received from well-wishers around the world.

KaDaM's Devadiga Sadaka Prashasti - 2017 conferred on Smt. Gowri Devadiga 




This year 'Devadiga Sadaka Prashasti' was conferred on Smt. Gowri Devadiga as a recognition to her contributions in the field of Social work.  Devadiga Sadaka Prashasti is given to individuals as a token of appreciation to their service excelling in any field. A woman is able and can set an identification for herself in society. This has been our belief & objective in social service. Social service is a hobby for few & profession for some. An initiative to honour such woman achievers is much more than a hobby & profession for KaDaM. The Prashasthi was conferred on Smt. Gowri Devadiga, the sequence of  the events are as follows, shawl by Mr. Ravi Devadiga President of Devadiga Sangha Mumbai, Garland by Mrs. Vishalakshi Dinesh Devadiga, Flower by Smt. Kiran Beskoor, and fruits bouquet  by Mr. Sudhakar Devadiga were presented in a traditional way. Simultaneously a Video presentation was run to highlight the achievements and awards received by Gowri.  Prashasti Patra was presented by Mr. Dinesh Devadiga. Sheena Devadiga presented a memento..


After receiving the Sadaka Prasasti overwhelmed Gowri Devadiga thanked the organizers of the event and dignitaries on the dais. 










 The day witnessed the felicitation to Mr. H Mohan Das, Ravi Devadiga President of Devadiga Sangha Mumbai, and Smt. Ambika Raju Devadiga. They are thanked KaDaM for honoring them and wished KaDaM all the success.

Mr. Raju Devadiga, Mr. Praveen Kumar Shetty, Mr. Ravi Tallur, Mr. Dinesh Kumar Devadiga President of Devadiga Sangha Dubai, Mr. Umanath Kotiyan, Mr. Rajshekar Kotiyan and N.T Poojary spoke on this occasion and remembered KaDaM’s social work in and around Kundapura.
Mr. Naveen Suvarana, Mr. Shodhan Prasad, Mr. Suresh Devadiga (NMS), Mr. Arvind Sanil, Mr. Murthy Bhat, Mr. Sadan Das, Mr. Divesh Alwa, Mr. Nithiraj Shetty, Mr. Vasu Shetty, Mr. Karunakar Shetty, Mr. Daya Kirodiyal, Mr. Das Kudla, Mr. Ravi Devadiga Abu Dhabi and Mr. Suresh Devadiga DHL, Mr. Sujith Shetty were present in the program.


Various social responsibilities that the members have taken up that include Blood donation camp, scholarship in back home, picnic, and Indian traditional festival celebration. One of the guests Mr. Ganesh Rai applauded KaDaM for its self-less service & dedication him helping mankind.
Drawing competion conducted for children’s & judged by Mr. Ravi Tallur, Suresh Devadiga DHL and Smt. Sai Mallika.

Cultural & stage program were coordinated & presented by Yuvaraj Devadiga, Manoj Devadiga, Ravi Nagoor, Santhosh Kolnad and Elegant Team.
Sponsors, participating artist & media (Mr. Shodhan Prasad -Daijiworld, Mr. Kiran-Namma Karnataka) were presented mementos by Mr. Dinesh Devadiga and KaDaM Members.

Games & raffle draw were conducted and prizes handed over to the winners. The audience actively took part in all the games.


The event was concluded by vote of thanks given by Mr. Sheena Devadiga. He thanked all the Sponsors, Participants, Guest of various organizations, well-wishers and members for the wholehearted support who made  the event a grand success particularly Mr. & Mrs. Dinesh Devadiga for the full hearted support extended to all the KaDaM members in planning and executing this event in an  organized manner.  Elegant Group of Companies were the main sponsor of the event.

Guests from India who flew to just attend just attend the event were specially thanks.









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