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An eventful profile of Mulky Jayananda Devadiga


Shri Mulky Jayananda Devadiga who is entering his age Eighty on 28 May 2013 has been a social worker for more than five decades and effective leader for devadiga community for 38years. He has worked in politics too. Shri Devadiga has been actively supporting many organisations and also has a passion towards working for the cause of minority and backward class community people. It is difficult to express his experience and thoughts in words.

I would like to mention two most impressed issues here,

First, installing 20 Devadiga branches of South kanara to North kanara by keeping Mangalore as the center and the second issue is the celebrations of Golden Jubilee of Mangalore Devadiga Sangha by bringing a souvenir of 616 pages with lot of information about the sangha, community, guests of honors, more than 400 sangha member's information, photos of members (I think most of we youngsters may find our family elders photo in that, which we may not be having at home). Beautiful part of that event was participation of many other community people from lower class to upper class community.

This is our sincere attempt to showcase Shri Devadiga. The interview by was held on 2nd October 2012 at his residence in Mangalore. 

My special thank to Mr Prashanth Sherigar - Udupi, Mr. Praveen Kumar - Udupi, Mr. Sachin – Udupi for joining me in this good cause and at the last but the most important Mr. Ashok Devadiga - Udupi who worked hard to edit and get the best out of the video coverage which had lot of noise due to rain, also the shoot from ordinary camera and bad light.

Contact details of Shri Devadiga:

“Hari Nilaya”, Near Adarsha School, Alape-Karmar, Padil (po), Mangalore 575007
Ph: 9242750020
Raghavendra G, Ph: 9880328604, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


jayananda devadiga1.jpg


Born on 28th May, 1934 at Mulky, present Mangalore District, Karnataka as first son to Shri Mulky Driver Ramappa Devadiga and Smt. Narsibai Ramappa Devadiga. He studied upto S.S.L.C. at  Government High  School, Mulky and started his career as a Clerk with The Combined Booking Agency, Mangalore.

He is a Visionary and a meticulous Organiser. He involved himself in social, political, religious, cultural, educational and co-operative movements. His planning and achievements always speaks about his concern for the objectives.  He married to Smt. Sarojini Devadiga, a social worker, on 10th April, 1960. Both of them are actively involving themselves in Social Welfare activities even now.

Shri Devadiga, during his primary education was attracted to the Principles and Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi which encouraged him to dedicate his life to the ideology of self reliance and personality development.  He participated in various programmes of freedom struggle as a student leader and in 1952, he worked for Congress in First General Elections. He was trained as a Youth Leader of Congress Party and shouldered the responsibility as District Youth Congress General Secretary.  In 1959, he was appointed as the District Head of Congress Seva Dal. He worked as the District Congress General Secretary,  He arranged meetings at various centers during the China War for awakening people.  He actively participated in BHOODHAN MOVEMENT of Shri Acharya Vinobha Bhave while he was camping at Mangalore. Shri Devadiga was an active participant of Goa Liberation Movement as sathyagrahi and he was Secretary of Freedom Fighters Association at Mangalore. He was closely acquainted with  freedom fighter and Member of Parliament, Sri K K Shetty, Sri T A Pai, former Union Minister, Govt. of India, Sri K K Pai, Ex-chairman of Syndicate Bank, Sri Sooryanarayana Adiga,Ex-chairman of Karnataka Bank, Ex-MLAs Sri P F Rodrigues, Sri B M Idinabba and many of the eminent social / political personalities.

He was effectively involved with  Organisational activities at the time of forming a breakaway Congress party led by Smt. Indira Gandhi as its President and Shri Devraj Urs. At a later date Shri Devadiga remained staunch follower of  Shri Devraj Urs. He was the Founder Member of Kranti Ranga and headed Dakshina Kannada District Committee. He has occupied various responsible positions in political parties. Finally, in 1989, he withdrawn himself from political arena.

Shri Jayananda Devadiga was actively involved in getting maximum benefits to tenants/ agricultural labourers under the Karnataka Land Revenue Act and also helped the economically downtrodden people in getting placements through Women and Child Welfare Schemes sponsored by the Government of Karnataka. He was also the member of state recruitment committee of women welfare department.

He was one of the Architects of restructuring of  Dakshina Kannada Zilla Devadigara Sangha, Mangalore and renamed it to Karnataka Rajya Devadigara Sudharaka Sangha, Mangalore. He was the General Secretary and worked in various responsible positions in the Sangha for a continuous period of 38 years (1954 to 1992).He was responsible for the construction of Samaja Bhavan at Mangalore and during this period, 20 branches of the Sangha at various centers were established, Scholarships were distributed through the branches and also helped the Community Members through Devadiga Arthika Hita Yojane. He was responsible for providing land for construction of Samaj Bhavan at Hiriadka which is one of the prominent Centers of Devadiga Community. His services on honarary basis in maintaining and administering Samaj Bhavan at Mangalore during the period from 1962 to 1992 will be remembered with gratitude.

Shri Jayananda Devadiga spearheaded the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Sangha during 12th January, 1997 to 16th January, 1997 which is a Historic Event in the annals of the Mangalore Sangha. The commemorative Souvenir brought out on this occasion is an authentic source of information about Devadigas even today and it is a great reference to all Devadigas. During his association with the Sangha, he was responsible for record number of conferences, symposiums, seminars, training programmes and activities aimed at Community Welfare which is an unparallel achievement / performance by any of the  Devadigas so far.

He is one of the leading personalities in introducing the community in the field of Politics and is responsible in grooming some of our community members in Political field which will be ever remembered.

He was responsible for formation of Confederation of  Backward Communities in Undivided Dakshina Kannada District and led the movement effectively and successfully. He represented the Backward Communities and submitted a Memorandum highlighting the Equality, Social Justice, Opportunities and all rights in terms of Constitution which are to be extended to backward communities. Almost all Backward Community Commissions appointed by Karnataka Government have taken note of the above suggestions.

Shri Devadiga was also active in Co-operative Movement and worked as a Director for Consumer Co-operative Societies, Janata Bazar Mangalore as Vice President and participated in various conferences arranged by Co-operative Institutions at National , State and District Levels.

He ispresently engaged himself with activities of Adarsha Vidya Vardhaka Sangha, Mangalore. He has been its General Secretary since 1994. In 1997, he reactivated the functioning and registration of the Confederation of District Private Grant Schools and became the Secretary. The Confederation has 223 permanent members. He continued to advise them as its Secretary in its administrative and organizational matters. The said Confederation was established in the year 1925 by Hon’blre Panje Mangesh Rao.  He is the founder and the secretary of D.K & UDUPI District’s registred bodies confederation .

Shri Devadiga is a prolific writer, versatile orator and revered personality. He was bestowed with numerous awards by prominent organizations/personalities from time to time in recognition of his selfless service to the Society. He was honoured by Karnataka Rajya Devadigara Sudharaka Mangalore by a citation and title as Samaja Seva Durandhara  and  Devadiga Vidya Bandhu in 1977 at the hands of Sri. T. A. Pai the then Union Minister for Heavy Industries, Government of India. Devadiga Sangha, Mumbai during its Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in 2001, presented him a Life Time Achievement Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution for Community Welfare and Development at the hands of  Dr. Veerendra D. Heggade, Dharmadhikari , Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala.

He is presently leading a peaceful and meaningful simple life.  Even at the age of 76, he spends lot of time on backward community welfare activities and closely associated with educational institutions were he is shouldering administrative responsibilities as General Secretary. He is a man of principles, and strived hard throughout his life for the welfare of backward communities.  His life style is very simple with bare minimum needs to accomplish his vision.

Shri Devadiga is ably supported and assisted by his beloved wife Smt. Sarojini J. Devadiga. They are blessed with two sons [Shri Suchetan  and Shri Sanjay] and a daughter [Smt. Surekha] and all of them are leading happy family life.


Born on 18th April, 1939, at Panambur as a first daughter of  Shri Kavur Damodar Devadiga and Smt. Panambur Sitabai Damodar Devadiga. She had her secondary education through Besant Girls Secondary School, Mangalore and married to Shri Mulky Jayananda Devadiga in 1960.

Smt. Sarojini J. Devadiga was also a member of Congress Seva Dal and worked alongwith her husband in various capacities. She was the first lady member in Mangalore City Improvement Board and member of Karnataka State Social Welfare Advisory Board.

During their stay at Hiriadka, she was elected to Mandal Panchayat from two Constituencies simultaneously which is a record performance even today. She was actively associated with Government Pre-University College, Hiriadka as a member of School Development Committee alongwith her husband.  Presently, she is supporting Shri Jayananda Devadiga in all his missions and leading a respectable and peaceful life.

Smt. Sarojini J. Devadiga and Shri Jayananda Devadiga have donated their eyes and Shri Devadiga has already declared his desire to donate his body to Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore.

The couple will be ever remembered for their simplicity and selfless life. Devadiga Community is proud of their contributions. All of their well wishers  and community members heartly wish them  for peaceful and healthy life ahead.

(Source : H.Mohandas, Mumbai )



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