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Review of the recently held program at Devadiga Sangha, Mumbai.


18th March 2017.

The youth wing of Devadiga Sangha, Mumbai is in the process of creating ripples in the community with a series of programs in the past couple of months. When the City LCC first came up with the program it was touted as the first innovative program by the youth. I think they should stand corrected. Almost more than two decades ago, the youth wing had spiritedly assembled in much larger numbers only to see the waning of their enthusiasm due to factors that would now serve no purpose mentioning. I wish to bring across the point that the youth of our community are amenable and with the correct approach and guidance, would play a stellar role in guiding the destiny of our community.

I am writing to a generation not yet penetrated by constructive criticism, merely for them to get an objective review of their performance and not in the least to nettle them or take anything away from their initiative and effort.

The youth seem to falsely entertain the view that they are laboring for the community and the community must reciprocate by giving them a patient audience. Just as the Managing Committee has successfully initiated the youth to make the presentation, the youth should have ensured the participation of members in large numbers and more importantly, to be there on time. For example, each member of the presenting team, apart from contributing to their presentation, could have been tasked to bring in at least 10 individuals to attend the presentation. Moreover, the LCC’s could have been approached to commit the presence of at least 25 members from their respective LCC’s. The attendance was dismal and the program started only at 11.15 am, more than 2 hours behind schedule. The speaker was visibly disturbed by the time management and the members lost 2 hours to benefit from his presentation. The program was rushed through and surprisingly, the organizers seem resisting questions from the audience, ostensibly for lack of time, eager to break for lunch. The talk, intended to ignite young and impressionable minds and code switching, did not seem to have the desired effect as the youngsters had no questions for the presenter.

The second half of the program was more a disappointment than anything else. Hard core content was lacking and at best the presentation could be termed as passable. I felt a sense of déjà vu, particularly from Team Chillar, among who our first lady CA Ms. Nilisha Moily and the experienced banker Mr. Shailesh Devadiga from whom I was eager to hear innovative fund mobilization techniques. It was strikingly clear that they were a bunch of novices without proper mentoring. I was also appalled to see the mentor of the program wanting to rush through the program, visibly uneasy and discouraging questions from the audience. The spirit and the essence from the presentation had moved out and the corpse was left to be garlanded.

The quest was to just present a hitherto unseen activity in the Sangha without consolidating the content and the impact of the presentation. I concede that I could see the hard work that went into the event but feel it could have been better planned and executed. As I have said earlier, in no way would I wish to take away anything from the effort put in by our youngsters, my purpose is to play the devil’s advocate and give the youngsters a critical review at the risk of being called a spoilsport.

I would like to know from the President of Devadiga Sangha, Mumbai if he proposes to take the recommendations forward, modify them, call for more suggestions, more interaction, have a brain storming session or simply consign them to the many dust collecting files in the Sangha. could well ask for a copy of the presentation to be published and give it wider circulation. I must also urge the youth to ensure that they come up with more workable than theoretical and idealist suggestions and see their compliance. I have unwavering faith in the youth of our community and trust them to buckle up their belts and give our community a sense of direction in the functioning of our institutions.

The train surely has chugged off the platform and it remains to be seen if it can gather momentum to lead our community achieve constructive consolidation and effective reconstruction.

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