Historic Executive meeting by Video Conferencing by Bangalore Devadiga Sangha(R)

Bangalore: As we all know Our world is now  facing & suffering with Coronavirus pandemic.This Pandemic has challenged the world by Forcing it in to understand the new concepts of living Viz. Lockdown &  Social distancing within the entire society.

Need is to adapt to the master of all Innovation in communication; The technology of Video Conferencing as a remedy to the lockdown & social distancing. 

Devadiga Sangha (R) Bangalore took up this challenge of social distancing  by adapting itself to the technology of Video conference with its members while conducting monthly Executive Committee Meeting on3rd May 2020.   

Shri. Chandrashekar,President welcomed the members by reading the agenda.  All the members happily adapted to the new way of conducting of the meeting.

Our Senior member & Past President Shri.Raghu Sherigar participated and shared lots of inputs. 

The following Committee Members were present at the video call meeting:

1 Mr Chandrashekar;  2. Mr Raghu Sherigar; 3. Mr Rajnikanth Kudupi; 4. Mr Chadra SM;  5.Mr Vishu Hiriadka; 6 Mr Shivashankar; 7 Ms Rekha suresh; 8 . Mr Ganesh; 9.Mr  Prashnath Chandra; 10. Mr Pavanesh Devadiga; 11. Mr Loku Kudla; & 12.Mr  Manju devadiga 

Mr Rajnikanth kudupi Vice president Proposed the Vote of thanks.

A Special Thanks was proposed to Mr Pavanesh Jt Secretary and Mr Prashanth for there Technical Guidance.