Is formation of ‘Mahamandala’ a mandatory prerequisite for 'Vishwa Devadiga Sammilana'?!

It is reported in 'Udayavani' that in a meeting held on 23rd September 2018, a decision has been taken to host a “Vishwa Devadiga Sammelana” under the aegis of the to be formed 'Vishwa Devadiga Mahamandala'.

Quoting from the website, the population of devadigas is around1,51,000. Adding the temple committee and the envisaged Devadiga Mahamandala we have a total of 54 independent units (Sanghas). We also have LCC's in Mumbai, not to speak of Navodaya Sangha of Bangalore and Devadiga Welfare Association, a parallel group headed by Mr. Subba Devadiga. You therefore effectively have one unit (Sangha) for 2360 devadigas!!!

We must spare a thought whether Sanghas can afford to proliferate like rabbits!! This tyranny of committees must end as energies are dissipated and resources are ineffectively put to use. Take the Bhavans a few Sanghas have. Are they generating enough income to sustain the Sanghas? You may also include the recently consecrated Eknateshwari temple in the list of unproductive assets that is a drag on the finances of the community.

The decision of forming a Vishwa Devadiga Mahamandala was taken in the meeting of Trustees of Eknateshwari temple & few wellwishers. Does the committee hold a brief for the Sanghas? Was this issue in the agenda of the meeting? How could this issue be decided in the temple committee? It only goes to prove the utter disregard for rules and conventions. This decision, if at all, should be taken in a meeting of all Devadiga units (by default representing all members), the actual stakeholders of the community.

Decision making is a collective process of refinement that is based on well established principles.

A new unit (Vishwa Devadiga Mahamandala) should come to existence only if it plays an explicit role in decisions that have a material impact on the community's objectives.  Form should follow function. How could a Forum be formed when its functions are not clear. There is neither clarity of purpose, nor a long term agenda. How is it going to add value from the standpoint of devadigas?. The organisation structure is the skeleton and shows how everything fits together into a whole. It is a way of grouping and organising an entity's functions to make sure the work is done efficiently to achieve the objectives of the entity.

The Mahamandala will be unnecessarily overlapping the functions of different units (Sangha) and duplication of work, besides supplanting the autonomy of these units. Every additional unit means additional costs which our community can do away with. Doubts persist about unity of action and harmonizing activities. It will also not fit in the chain of command as a 'selected' body of the Mahamandala may dictate terms to an 'elected' body of Sanghas and therefore it is unlikely that all units will function in an integrated manner.

The present trend in management is to cut out steps that do not add value and minimise the process. You find ways to merge functions and keep the organization lean. The “Mahamandala “ therefore, conceptually,  is not a great idea.

Yes, the Temple committee can host the Vishwa Sammelana or Sammilana. Why and where is the need for the formation of 'Mahamandala' to host a 'Vishwa Sammilana' under the aegis of the Eknatheshwari Devi Temple?.

Vishwa Sammelana is good if something constructive comes out of it.  All they will do is honour the same bunch of people and long winding speeches. Let the organisers come out with how they propose to conduct the Sammelana. Our suggestion is that they should call for suggestions from members and keep them in the loop. The subject of discussion must be clearly demarcated and should be relevant to Sanghas. Under the guise of Sammelana, a huge amount of money will be spent without adhering to financial norms. Let us not allow that kind of process in the Temple Organisation.

~Editorial Board,